‘Stranger Things 4’: Netflix Releases Part 2 Teaser Ahead of July Release (Video)

Vecna doesn’t seem happy

If you’ve made it to the end of the first batch of “Stranger Things 4” episodes, when you get past the credits, you were rewarded with a little treat: a sneak peek at the last two episodes of the season. Now Netflix has released the teaser online. And it’s a doozy.

While lasting only 30 seconds, the teaser, which you can watch above, provocatively sets up what to expect in these final episodes (with the finale clocking in at over two hours). We see a young Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), bleeding from the eyes, as she looks at the portal to the Upside Down she sent One (Jamie Campbell Bower) into many years ago, with Vecna’s voice booming: “It is over Eleven, you have freed me. You can’t stop this now.”

We get more tantalizing clues: the Hawkins gang approaching the Upside Down version of the Creel house; Hopper (David Harbour) making his way through the Russian prison and discovering lots of Upside Down-adjacent weirdness (including what look like taxidermized Demogorgons); and then flashes of Murray screaming, an explosion, Vecna.

Basically, if you weren’t already pumped for the final two episodes of the super-sized “Stranger Things 4,” well, this teaser should do the trick.

The final episodes of “Stranger Things 4” stream on July 1.