Streaming Platforms See Decline in Demand for Comedy Genre | Charts

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Despite the overall decrease in demand, the genre remains the most in-demand genre on most platforms

Friends cast
"Friends" (Credit: Warner Bros. TV)

If the comedy genre was once the flagship of TV entertainment in the era of linear TV, the situation has changed considerably in recent years. In the age of streaming platforms, while many incorporate comedic elements or blend comedy with other genres, fewer new releases adhere to the traditional definition of a sitcom, like “Friends” or “The Office.”

More striking is the decrease in demand for the genre over two years. Between the first quarters of 2022 and 2024, the comedy genre’s demand share fell from 22% to 17.1%. Over the same period, the number of shows labeled as comedies available on SVOD platforms experienced only a slight decrease from 26.9%


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