‘Superman’ Is DC Studios’ ‘Biggest Priority,’ James Gunn Says

Today is the 44th anniversary of Richard Donner’s “Superman: The Movie”

Superman James Gunn DC Studios

DC Studios Chief James Gunn took to Twitter to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Richard Donner’s classic “Superman: The Movie” and reiterated to fans that “Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.”

Now that Gunn is overseeing and planning the next decade of DC Studios movies, a fan asked him if they were going to see a Superman.

His response: “Yes of course. Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.”

It has been a busy few weeks for the Man of Steel as Henry Cavill recently made an appearance as Superman in the “Black Adam” post-credit scene. However, both Dwayne Johnson and Cavill took to Twitter to announce that Superman is back, but as TheWrap previously reported, there is currently no deal in place at the moment for Cavill to star as Superman in future DC Studios movies.

According to numerous insiders with knowledge of the situation, although it has been previously reported that the search for a writer was currently underway, the fact is there’s currently no writer or director attached to the project and there’s currently no formal deal with Cavill to return.

On Friday, the Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog revealed that “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight wrote a treatment for a “Man of Steel” sequel back in September that wasn’t going forward as Gunn and DC Studios’ co-chief Peter Safran arrived last month to set DC’s house in order.

Additionally, according to an insider, as it currently stands, there’s no forward momentum on the Superman project while Gunn and Safran have been busy fine-tuning their long-range plan for the DCU.

Gunn and Safran are pitching their DCU plan to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav this week, and it is now certain that Superman will return. The question is whether Cavill will don the cape, or it will be a new actor. Stay tuned.