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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Demands CBS Use Syrian Technicians, Cameras in Charlie Rose Interview (Video)

Syrian leaders slams the media for creating ”malicious propaganda against Syria“

Charlie Rose’s interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad aired on “60 Minutes” Sunday, where the CBS anchor asked him about ISIS and chemical weapons.

Rose explained off the top of the segment that he did the interview under the condition he use Syrian technicians and cameras.  The dictator wants his own crew and equipment for fear of assassination.

On ISIS, Assad said American airstrikes on ISIS “can have local benefit,” then saying ISIS has actually expanded since America began airstrikes months ago, suggesting America was trying to “sugarcoat” the situation to say ISIS is shrinking.

The Syrian leader told Rose he has no objection to inspectors coming in to Syria to inspect the country’s chlorine gas, which “is not used as military gas” and that can be bought by average citizens anywhere.

He then took shots at the media: “This is part of the propaganda, because as you know in the media, when it bleeds it leads, and they always look for something that bleeds, which is the chlorine gas and the barrel bombs.”

This is Rose’s second interview with the Syrian president, who has been accused of overseeing mass genocide in his country.

Watch the video below.

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