Ted Danson Has Finally Mastered the Floss Dance (Video)

“That was a private moment where I was learning how to floss, Day 1,” Danson tells Jimmy Kimmel of video that went viral last year

By George, we think he’s got it!

“Good Place” star Ted Danson dropped by Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to talk about the Mike Schur-created comedy — and how his flossing lessons are going.

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel made Ted get up and show everyone that he has in fact learned how to do the floss dance, after a video of his “Good Place” co-stars — William Jackson Harper, D’Arcy Carden and Kristen Bell — instructing him on how to move his hips in time went viral last November.

And holy shirt, was he good.

“That was a private moment where I was learning how to floss, Day 1,” Danson told the host, when he sat back down.

“A private moment that your wife and Kristen immediately posted online,” Kimmel added, laughing.

In case you somehow missed the video that made the world fall even more in love with the “Cheers” alum, here it is below:

Kimmel also asked Danson his thoughts on if he will go to the actual “Good Place” one day, to which he said this:

“Doesn’t matter. No. I’m having a ball right now! No, it’s now, it’s now. You live as if there weren’t. Different conversation, but I think, yeah, now is where you be kind and you nurture and you do all those things,” he said.

“And you don’t do it so you can get into heaven, cause that’s a karmic wash cause then you’re just doing it to demonstrate… Like me when I put a tip — a big, nice celebrity tip in the barista’s little glass but I wait till she turns around so she can see the huge tip, that’s a karmic wash. Maybe even like a minus point or two.”

Watch Ted floss in the video above.