Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy Explain How ‘The Adam Project’ Is a Time-Travel Movie About Saving Yourself (Exclusive Video)

The emotional Netflix sci-fi film is now streaming

“The Adam Project,” premiering on Netflix today is a potent blend of oversized science fiction, full of whiz-bang action, and deeply felt emotional storytelling that packs a punch, and TheWrap has an exclusive look at how the film was made.

Ryan Reynolds plays a pilot from the future who steals a time-traveling spaceship and travels back to the past, where he encounters a younger version of himself (played by astounding newcomer Walker Scobell). And in this new featurette, which you can watch above, director Shawn Levy and Reynolds (who recently collaborated on last year’s “Free Guy”) describe the elements that make “The Adam Project” so special.

“The movies that we grew up watching, they had this wonderful element of action and adventure. So the opportunity to actually make a movie like that? I think for both of us, it’s so personal,” Reynolds said.

“And to come across this script, with this super juicy idea. What if you could go back and meet your 12-year-old self?” Levy added. “A time-travel movie that’s less about saving the world and more about saving yourself.”

Watch the full featurette above and stream “The Adam Project,” which also stars Zoe Saldaña, Catherine Keener, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, on Netflix right now.