‘The Daily Show’ Slams CNN for Not Protecting Anonymity of Trump Jurors: ‘The Call Is Coming From Inside the Newsroom’ | Video

“This is so irresponsible,” host Dulcé Sloan said Thursday night in segment also calling out other media outlets

Dulcé Sloan has no tolerance for the media’s hypocrisy during Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial. The comedian and “Daily Show” correspondent took over the Comedy Central desk Thursday night to mock news reports that have been leaking too much information about Trump’s anonymous jury.

After the trial’s day off on Wednesday, juror No. 2 raised concerns that she could no longer remain fair and impartial because friends, family and colleagues had been contacting her about the case. Following the media’s coverage of the trial, people in her life had correctly determined her identity. The juror was dismissed, and Judge Juan Merchan asked that, moving forward, the media limit their descriptions of jurors.

“The judge sort of reminded everyone that this needs to be an anonymous jury, that members of the media and elsewhere can’t get into really detailed things about descriptions of these people,” a CNN correspondent said of the story. Yet in the same report, the reporter revealed that juror No. 2 was a female oncology nurse and native New Yorker who lives with her fiancé.

“He’s talking about you! You’re the media!” Sloan yelled Thursday night. “This reporter just put her entire LinkedIn page on the screen and then was like, ‘People in the media need to stop doing this.’ You’re the media! The call is coming from inside the newsroom, girl.”

Sloan then noted that this particular report actually contained “fewer details than anybody” before showing reports from MSNBC, Newsmax, New York Times, ABC 7, ABC and Fox News. Every report included another identifiable detail of the woman who was supposed to remain anonymous.

“I would have found this lady on Facebook in five seconds. It’s 2024. That’s enough information to track down anybody. I once found a guy based on the shape of a cloud in the background of his IG story,” Sloan said. “This is just so irresponsible. The media’s basically out here playing Guess Who? with this juror.”

“The Daily Show” host then teed up a segment with fellow correspondent Troy Iwata, who kept trying to describe these jurors anonymously and failing miserably. Watch the full clip above.


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