Jimmy Kimmel Enjoys Zings From Potential Trump Jurors: ‘I Would Like to Hire Her’ | Video

The ABC host also marvels at the difference between Trump’s orange face and pale hands

Jimmy Kimmel covered a ton of Donald Trump-related topics during his monologue on Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” But he took a second to find some amusement in the way prospective jurors in Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City have described him.

He even suggested one of the bon mots was so good, he’d like to hire the person who made it. But before he got to that, he dove into other elements of the trial.

In particular, Kimmel focused on Trump’s appearance. Specifically, on how weird it is that Trump’s orange complexion doesn’t appear to be present anywhere but his face.

“This is what Trump looked like at the defense table today,” Kimmel said as an image of a very orange-faced Trump with pale hands that don’t remotely match his face appeared on screen.

“I want you to note the difference between the color of his hands and the color of his face. We did not doctor this,” Kimmel assured his audience. “Those are his hands, and his face.”

“Those shades aren’t even on the same Sherwin-Williams color palette. Looks like a cantaloupe wearing batting gloves or something,” he continued.

This allowed him to transition to the jurors’ description.

“Here’s how one potential juror described him, shortly after she was dismissed,” Kimmel said. At this, he ran a clip in which a woman who had been a prospective juror said Trump looked “more yellow” than orange, and that he looks “bored.”

“He’s yellow and bored,” Kimmel said with a chuckle. “Like a minion or something.”

Shortly after, Kimmel noted how “each prospective juror had to answer questions about what they think about Trump, which meant he had to sit there and listen to comments like this from a woman who said, she said, ‘I wouldn’t believe Trump if his tongue were notarized.’”

“You know that woman, she did not get picked as a juror, but I would like to hire her as a writer if she’s interested,” Kimmel added.

You can watch the full monologue at the top of the page.


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