‘The Daily Show’: Trump Supporter Proudly Tells Jordan Klepper She Was at Jan. 6 and on ‘America’s Most Wanted’ | Video

Klepper stops by the courthouse on the first day of Trump’s first criminal trial

“The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper hit the road to talk to Donald Trump fans once again this week, this time outside the ex-president’s first criminal trial. And, while there, Trump fans admitted they won’t accept the judgments of his trials even in friendly states, with one person even owning up to being present at the Capitol on Jan. 6 — and also on “America’s Most Wanted.”

Ahead of the start of the trial, Trump sent an email to supporters saying “72 HOURS UNTIL ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE,” so Klepper was curious to see what that hell might be. To start his interviews, he asked supporters outside the courthouse if they were planning to “go apes–t.”

“I want to see how it plays out” one woman answered, confirming she would “slow walk” her chaos.

But, when Klepper asked if April 15 would look like another January 6, the woman got offended, and promptly admitted she was at the Capitol that day, but “it was breached before we even got there.”

“Is that why you’re here early today, just to make sure you get that first wave?” Klepper shot back.

“Well, I have done pretty — go back and watch ‘America’s Most Wanted,’” she said with some pride. “I made a grand appearance there, when somebody said we got what we deserved.”

Another Trump supporter complained to Klepper that Trump can’t get a fair trial in a state like New York, arguing that he’d fare better in the midwest, or maybe Florida. Of course, Klepper promptly pointed out that Trump is on trial in Florida soon, so he asked if the man would accept the results of that particular criminal trial.

“No!” the man said, after slight hesitation.

You can watch Jordan Klepper’s full segment outside Trump’s trial in the video above.


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