‘The Daily Show’: Trump Supporters Admit to Jordan Klepper They’re ‘Fine With Trump as King’ | Video

They also tell the “Daily Show” correspondent that a dictatorship on day 1 is “what we need”

Jordan Klepper was back on “The Daily Show” on Tuesday night, once again stopping by a rally for Donald Trump to talk to the ex-president’s supporters. This time around, many admitted that they’d be “fine with Trump as king” in America — in fact, they believe a dictatorship may be “what we need.”

To kick off the segment, Klepper first went to a rally for Nikki Haley in South Carolina. Poking fun at how small her crowd was, Klepper wondered what a Trump rally looks like at this point, only to realize “Oh s—, his rally is huge. You could even say bigly.”

Wandering through the crowds once more, Klepper first made a few digs at the energy level of those outside, and their outfits. But eventually, he started asking the real questions.

“Trump has been talking right now about — he says he thinks he should be immune from the actions he takes while president,” Klepper explained to one supporter. “You think he should have total immunity?”

When that supporter answered with a resounding “absolutely” because “otherwise everyone’s going to jail,” Klepper pushed harder, asking if she’s “fine with Trump as king.”

“Yes,” she replied bluntly. When Klepper joked that Trump as king “is about as American as you can get,” the woman agreed once more.

But, Klepper’s voiceover quickly points out that Trump isn’t using the word “king” — he’s been using the word “dictator.” Trump has previously boasted that he wouldn’t be a dictator “other than day one.” So, talking to another couple, Klepper pushed for reactions on that language.

“That’s what we need,” one woman replies, while her husband agreed “it needs to happen.”

“He’s not gonna be like a Hitler dictator. No, more like a Mussolini dictator” Klepper said to another couple, who enthusiastically replied “yes, exactly.” When Klepper joked about putting people in the gulag, the woman responded “At this point, it’s what America needs.”

You can watch Klepper’s full segment with Trump supporters in the video above.


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