‘The Flash’ Review Roundup: Critics Hail Superhero Film as ‘Wildly Fun’ and ‘Best DCEU Superhero Movie Yet’

Multiverse movie opens in theaters June 16

The Flash Snyderverse Alfred Pennyworth
"The Flash" (Courtesy DC)

Critics reviews are in for “The Flash,” and the early word on the superhero film is quite strong as the film is being called “wildly fun,” the “best DCEU superhero movie yet,” and “a jewel in the DCU canon.”

The film currently has a 72% Rotten Tomato score with 54 reviews.

Deadline’s Pete Hammond, who called the film “wildly fun,” added that “The hype is real. DC’s The Flash may not be the greatest comic book movie ever made, but it comes damn close. Easily the best in the genre since Spider-Man: No Way Home, this fresh, invigorating and hugely entertaining summer treat is as good as it gets when it comes to cinematic takes on superheroes.”

Critic Scott Menzel called the film “one of the best superhero films of all time” and wrote “this film is a love letter made by a DC fan for a DC fan. It is abundantly clear that Andrés Muschietti loves the comic label and wanted to make a film that celebrates the legacy of the DC franchise.”

Rolling Stone’s David Fear called the film “the best DCEU superhero movie yet” in his review and singled out Ezra Miller’s performance adding that “there were layers to this superhero, however, and given the spotlight, Miller peels back every single one of them here. The parallel performances they’ve crafted here don’t just suggest two separate people and timelines — they suggest a one-actor double act with impeccable timing, dual psychological profiles, and the complete range of the joy-to-sorrow, juvenile-to-sensible scales.”

Forbes Scott Thompson wrote “The final hurdle for The Flash will be overcoming the wake left by the lackluster receptions, both critical and financial, received by the most recent DCU releases, Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. It’s understandable that, for various reasons, some might have lost faith and be opting to sidestep this latest addition to this cinematic universe; however, The Flash is one of its strongest entries and should, even with some flaws, be considered a jewel in the DCU crown.”

Slashfilm’s Ben Pearson also noted Millers performance and off screen issues saying “The Flash” has issues, to be sure, but it’s also undeniably entertaining, even with all of the off-screen antics that have suffused its production with an amount of baggage that’s difficult to fully ignore. To the movie’s credit, though, Ezra Miller does their darndest to make you forget about all of that by turning in the most crowd-pleasing performance of their career so far.”

Uproxx’s Mike Ryan wrote: “What makes Andy Muschietti’s The Flash a great movie (written by Christina Hodson, who also wrote Bumblebee, and has a knack for turning big-budget summer movies into stories with heart) is it’s not about saving the universe. Well, it sort of is, but that’s kind of secondary to Barry just trying to save his mom. Personally, I can’t really relate to saving a universe. It’s such a big thing, it doesn’t really matter. But as the movie gets deeper into Barry’s love for his mother, this is something, as humans, we can relate with and turns The Flash into a surprisingly heartfelt and emotional movie.”

“The Flash” opens in theaters on June 16.