And ‘The Golden Bachelor’ First Impression Rose Goes to…

Gerry Turner embarks on his journey of love Thursday on the ABC spin-off series

Note: This story contains spoilers for “The Golden Bachelor” Episode 1.

Buckle up “Bachelor” nation, “The Golden Bachelor” has officially begun!

The first season of the ABC spin-off series tapped 72-year-old Gerry Turner as the franchise’s first senior leading man, courting a group of 22 women who are all over 60 years old.

Turner’s journey of love kicked off Thursday with an evening of enthusiastic introductions and intimate moments of connection, during which the women of “The Golden Bachelor” brought out cheeky jokes to woo the leading man — from April showing up with fresh eggs to indicate her youth to Theresa making an appearance in her “birthday suit.”

As the night stretched into its conclusion, it came time for Turner to select his first impression rose pick. He gave the honor to Faith, who rode into the “Bachelor” mansion on a motorcycle and later sang a song to the leading man.

“This is the first rose that I will hand out. And I want you to know that you made this impression, not because you rode in on a motorcycle, not even because you have a beautiful voice and you sang a song to me, but because of what you’re doing right now,” Turner told Faith while giving her the rose. “You’re making me feel very special.”

After the pair shared a smooch — which was seen by several other contestants — it was time for the first rose ceremony of the season. With tears in his eyes, Turner decided to send home six women, including Pamela, Renee, Patty — who is the mother of former “Bachelor” Matt James — Maria, Anna and Sylvia.

“There are 16 beautiful, poised, elegant women — I’m thrilled about that,” Turner said to the remaining women at the end of Night 1. “But what I’m most looking for is to get to the next layer.”

“The Golden Bachelor” premieres Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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