‘The Nun’ Producer James Wan on His Creation of a Superhero-Like Horror Universe

Spinoff takes audiences back to the origins of ‘The Conjuring’

“The Nun” producer and writer James Wan, along with the film’s director Corin Hardy and other “The Conjuring” filmmakers, talk about building a horror universe in a new featurette from Warner Bros.

The latest spinoff in “The Conjuring” franchise, “The Nun,” will continue to push the successful universe of films forward, as it looks to the past to fill in the origins of where it all started.

“One of the things that occurred to us early on is, they have a superhero universe, why can’t we do it in a horror world?” Wan asked in the featurette. “When we were making the first ‘Conjuring,’ it became very apparent to us there could be a bigger universe — so many other stories that would be awesome to look into.

“When we made ‘Conjuring 2’ people really loved the nun character,” he concluded. And a spinoff was born.

“The Nun,” out in theaters Sept. 7, is the fifth installment in the franchise that has grossed more $1.2 billion worldwide.

Check out the featurette below.