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‘The Offer': Dan Fogler, Colin Hanks and Giovanni Ribisi Join Making-of ‘The Godfather’ Series at Paramount+

Fogler will play ”Godfather“ director and co-writer Francis Ford Coppola

Paramount+ added three more to the cast of its limited series, “The Offer,” about the making of “The Godfather.”

Dan Fogler will play “Godfather” director and co-writer Francis Ford Coppola. Colin Hanks will star as Barry Lapidus, an executive at Gulf & Western who held a lot of sway over Paramount Pictures. And Giovanni Ribisi will portray legendary mobster Joe Colombo (who was also head of the Italian-American Civil Rights League), whose support for the movie was instrumental in getting it made.

The three join Miles Teller and Matthew Goode. Teller replaced Armie Hammer as “Godfather” producer Al Ruddy. Goode will play legendary producer Robert Evans.

The 10-episode series tells the behind-the-scenes story of “The Godfather,” considered among the greatest movies ever made. Nikki Toscano and Michael Toklin are co-writers and executive producers on the series, with Toscano serving as showrunner.

It is based on Ruddy’s experiences from making the film. Ruddy will executive produce alongside Teller and Leslie Grief. Dexter Fletcher will direct a handful of episodes, including the premiere.

Hammer was initially tapped to play Ruddy, but had to drop out amid a career tailspin that stemmed from allegations of sexual misconduct.

Hammer, who is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for an alleged sexual assault, has had to step down from multiple projects in recent months amid several accusations of rape and other violent sexual behavior. Hammer has denied the allegations.