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Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Fight Over Betsy DeVos, Kids Returning to School (Video)

The ”idea that the Republican party cares about education“ is ”amusing,“ Behar says on ”The View“

“The View” co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain argued Monday after Behar laughed at comments from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about kids returning to school.

“You’re laughing, Joy, but it’s quite serious,” said conservative McCain, who is in favor of children returning to school as a means of alleviating the pressure on single parents and essential workers who are currently home-schooling on top of their other duties amid the ongoing pandemic.

“I think that everyone from Betsy DeVos on down, Republicans, Democrats — as far as I’m concerned, vote everybody out on both sides from the ground up because I’m so sick of our paying taxpayer dollars to come up with absolute jack five months in for the children of America,” McCain said.

Behar explained her laughter was at DeVos, specifically.

“She sucks,” Behar said. “So according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 1.5 million teachers are at greater risk of serious illness if infected by the coronavirus. One in four teachers. That’s a lot. You know, what really is amusing me today is this idea that the Republican party cares about education.”

She said Republicans have spent the past few years defunding education and Trump’s only interest is getting re-elected, not championing education.

McCain countered it wasn’t fair — and was “aggressive and incendiary” — to say Republicans don’t care about children.

The original comments from DeVos included her telling CNN’s Dana Bash, when asked about the government’s plan to keep kids safe, that the responsibility is on individual schools to do what their administrators think is right.