‘The View’ Goes Off The Rails as Hosts Compare Their Bare Feet at The Table (Video)

And yes, they know their “wikiFeet” ratings

Joy Behar shows her foot on "The View" (ABC)
Joy Behar shows her foot on "The View" (ABC)

The hosts of “The View” had the day off on Monday, but that didn’t stop them from airing a new episode — and it got arguably weirder than ever. In one segment of the pre-taped show, the women compared their bare feet at the table.

The conversation started simply enough. The women were discussing a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal written by columnist Kris Frieswick. In it, she argued that people should not be expected to take off their shoes in other people’s homes. As the hosts of “The View” weighed in on the debate, Joy Behar took a moment to show off her feet — by lifting one bare foot onto the table.

“Well, not everybody has gorgeous feet like I have,” Behar said, hoisting her foot up.

As the hosts laughed along, moderator Whoopi Goldberg did want to make audiences aware of the fact that this is not the first time Behar’s feet have been in the spotlight.

“I just want to put this out there, there is a place on the Internet called [wikiFeet], and Joy’s feet are on wikiFeet,” Whoopi revealed. Host Sara Haines then jumped in, noting “she’s kind of a big deal.”

Indeed, wikiFeet does exist. It’s a photo-sharing foot fetish website dedicated to sharing and rating photos of celebrities’ feet. It’s described as “the most extensive online message board and photo gallery of women’s feet on the Internet.”

According to Sunny Hostin, Behar’s feet have earned four out of five stars on the site. Haines wasn’t too impressed with that, prompting Behar to taunt her, saying “it’s better than yours.”

Of course, Haines immediately had the producers of “The View” fact check that, and Behar was in fact wrong. Haines has a five-star rating on the site. Following that reveal, Haines and Behar both raised a bare foot to the table, to compare.

“Your second toe is bigger than your first toe!” Behar commented.

Later, as “West Side Story” star and Oscar nominee Ariana DeBose joined the show, she kicked off her interview by showing off her own foot (though she kept her golden high heeled shoe on). DeBose was particularly proud of the arch of her foot.

According to Hostin, DeBose has a 4.5 star rating on wikiFeet.