‘The View’ Hosts Torch Kevin McCarthy’s Congressional Exit: ‘I’m Just Trying to Figure Out What You Think You Actually Did!’

“Now you’re doing the right thing, by quitting,” Joy Behar says

The View

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced this week that he will be exiting Congress at the end of the year, in a video message posted online. But the women of “The View” had a good laugh at that turn of events, mocking McCarthy on Monday for such a short-lived, unproductive tenure.

“When the stakes were the highest, we rose to the challenge,” McCarthy said in his message. “We were willing to risk it all, no matter the odds, no matter the personal cost. Simply put, we did the right thing.”

“Now you’re doing the right thing, by quitting,” Behar retorted as the clip ended on “The View.”

Meanwhile, moderator Whoopi Goldberg’s jaw had dropped entirely.

“I’m just trying to figure out what you think you actually did!” she exclaimed. “You had what, 19 tries to get the job? Fifteen. And then you got the job, and I’m still not sure what the hell you did while you were there! What are you doing? Goodbye, though!”

For host Alyssa Farah Griffin, the move is nothing more than McCarthy being “petty,” which entertained her even more.

“He wants to make Mike Johnson’s life harder, so by him stepping down, that gives [Johnson] only two votes to get anything by, ’cause he wants people to miss him,” Farah Griffin said. “He wants them to be like ‘Yes, it was better under Kevin.’”

Host Sara Haines largely agreed, saying that resigning just after George Santos was expelled from Congress was a power move, meant to weaken the GOP majority even further.

“This was like the biggest middle finger to the Republicans. The fact that he just ousted himself, and was like ‘Peace!’” Haines said. “Like, that’s a 2-vote — they’re gonna have to do everything bipartisan.”

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