‘The View’: Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin Back Reparations for Tulsa Massacre Descendants (Video)

“I think that this is a textbook case,” Hostin argued

The View

President Joe Biden flew to Oklahoma this week, speaking in remembrance of the Tulsa Race Massacre, and the hosts of “The View” are pretty pleased about that. But, for Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain, there’s more that can be done beyond a visit and a speech – reparations can be made.

In discussing the historical event during Wednesday’s episode, the panel unanimously praised Biden’s actions, as he is the first United States president in history to visit Tulsa and speak on the massacre. The women lamented though that the American education system doesn’t go into nearly enough detail about the incident that took the lives of hundreds of Black Americans.

Each woman agreed that there needs to be more education on the matter, but host Sunny Hostin added that financial accountability should also be a factor.

“I think that this is a textbook case for reparations,” Hostin stated plainly. She then went on to list a number of Tulsa Race Massacre survivors that are still living, and living in poverty in poverty at that.

“And my understanding is that Tulsa raised $30 million for this centennial commemoration, and not a dime of it went to the survivors or their descendants,” Hostin added. “Yet they used the survivors and their descendants’ likeness, they used their story to raise that money. But not a dime of it went to them. Why they living in poverty, and their story was the reason $30 million was raised?”

Surprisingly, co-host Meghan McCain agreed with her.

“I actually think the case that Sunny laid out for reparations for, at the very least, the living ancestors and the families of the people who were the victims of this massacre is actually a really, really good one,” McCain noted. “I’m not always in favor of the argument for reparations, but I think in this specific case, much like for descendants of Native Americans who had their land taken from them, I actually think it’s something that should probably be brought in front of Congress.”

You can watch the full conversation here and below.


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