‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Faults CNN’s Sanjay Gupta for Joe Rogan Interview: ‘I’m Not Interested in Understanding Crazy’

“I don’t think you can make sense of crazy,” the host argued

Sunny Hostin
The View

The hosts of “The View” were largely supportive of CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, after he sat down for an hours-long interview with Joe Rogan for his podcast — except for Sunny Hostin. The host admitted she didn’t quite see the point.

The women got into it on Thursday’s episode, debating whether Gupta’s appearance on the podcast had the potential, not to change Rogan’s anti-vax stances, but to maybe change the minds of some of his listeners. Both guest hosts Ana Navarro and Sherri Shepherd agreed that, with 200 million listeners a month — something Joy Behar was shocked to hear — even changing a small percentage of that fanbase’s thoughts on COVID vaccines could be helpful.

“I give them both kudos, because a lot of times I feel people go to outlets where they don’t agree to pick fights and become click bait. I think people come to this show to pick fights with us and then sell more books or get more viewers,” Navarro said. “[Rogan and Gupta] had a very civil conversation that lasted three hours, and I think it was very honest, and I think it’s important to get insight onto what some of these people that we disagree with on the vaccines are thinking and why they are hesitant.”

But on that argument, Sunny Hostin did not agree. In her opinion, those who don’t trust science don’t need to be heard out.

“Sanjay said he went there to understand his thinking. I love Sanjay, we worked together — we used to do these medical legal segments on CNN — Sanjay is a brilliant man,” Hostin noted, before getting blunt. “I’m not so interested in understanding the Trump mind. I’m not so interested in understanding the anti-vax mind. Because I’m not interested in understanding crazy. I don’t think you can make sense of crazy.”

That said, Hostin remained the outlier by the end of the segment.

“I love that Sanjay Gupta went on there because, if you don’t go on there and just talk to somebody you disagree with, then we would never have any kind of discourse,” Shepherd said, prompting Hostin’s irritated response.