‘The View’ Says Trump Only Showed for Civil Trial Because He ‘Cares More About’ Looking Rich Than ‘Clearing His Name’ (Video)

“He really looks scared,” cohost Joy Behar says

Donald Trump showed up to court for his civil trial in New York on Monday, but the women of “The View” are pretty sure there’s only one reason for that. According to the ABC hosts, it simply comes down to protecting his appearance of wealth.

The current case in New York asserts that Trump over-valued his real estate assets while growing his empire, resulting in better deals from the banks. If he’s found liable, the four-time criminally indicted former president stands to lose several properties to pay off what he owes, including Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago.

Discussing the civil case on Tuesday, host Sunny Hostin argued that “the reason he even showed up at this is because this threatens everything about his alleged empire, which he doesn’t really have, we all know.”

Meanwhile, host Alyssa Farah Griffin marveled at the fact that Trump didn’t show up for his civil trial with E. Jean Carroll, in which he was found liable for sexual battery and defamation, but did show up for this.

“Tell me if there is a man you know in your life who, if they were falsely accused of rape, wouldn’t go to the mat to defend their name,” Farah Griffin said. “He didn’t bother showing up, but he shows up for this? He cares more about the perception of being wealthy than he does about clearing his name.”

But, Joy Behar wasn’t surprised at all by this. She also argued that Trump definitely seems nervous about this verdict.

“He really looks scared. He looks scared,” she said. “He’s very defiant, but that’s a cover. But you know, like I said last week about him and how he went bananas when Rosie O’Donnell mentioned his financial situation. This is what he cares about.”

She continued, “He doesn’t care about his children. He doesn’t care about the country. He only cares about his money and power, and to stay out of jail. And I think he’s scared. And I think he’s very nervous.”

You can watch the full conversation from “The View” in the video above.


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