‘The View’ Becomes Nearly Unintelligible When Whoopi Gets in Heated Abortion Rights Argument With Nancy Mace

The ABC host cut off the South Carolina congresswoman after she claimed abortions are happening at nine months

Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" (Credit: ABC)

It’s not often that Whoopi Goldberg gets into an argument with a guest on “The View,” but it happened on Monday, and as a result, the show was nearly unintelligible for several minutes.

It came as Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina) appeared on the ABC talk show, first discussing how the government narrowly avoided shutdown. Eventually though, Mace noted that she’s frustrated about how several issues are being handled in Congress, including abortion rights.

She said that neither side is willing to find a middle ground, prompting Goldberg to argue that there shouldn’t have to be a middle ground in the first place, because the government shouldn’t be involved in a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

“No law says you have to have an abortion. There’s no law on the books that says you have to have an abortion,” the host said. “Isn’t that my choice, if my doctor and I feel that’s the best way for me?

In response, Mace argued that, at some point in a pregnancy, a baby deserves a right to life. That point, in her view, is somewhere in the second trimester, but she bemoaned that some states allow late-term abortions.

“Right now, the states have the right to do whatever they want. In California and New York, it’s all the way up until nine months,” Mace said.

At that, Goldberg got openly frustrated, cutting off the congresswoman and setting her straight on the fact that abortions at nine months don’t happen on a whim, and really, don’t happen much at all.

“No but — let’s stop that,” she said. “No one, no one, no one — no doctor, no hospital, no one will take a baby at nine months for an abortion! I’m telling you this.”

From there, Mace and Goldberg started speaking over each other on the issue, making the conversation near unintelligible, as the “View” cohosts looked on from the sidelines. Eventually, the two women settled a bit and the show continued on, with Mace noting she agrees with Goldberg on certain exceptions.


One response to “‘The View’ Becomes Nearly Unintelligible When Whoopi Gets in Heated Abortion Rights Argument With Nancy Mace”

  1. Michael Avatar

    I don’t think talking over people is very constructive. No matter what your politics are, if you are hosting someone, I think that it is rude not to let them speak. That’s just bad manners.

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