The Wrap-Up Podcast: Ozy’s Downfall and Facebook Under Fire

Episode 54: Plus, show Dave Chappelle be canceled?

This week on “TheWrap-Up,” hosts Sharon Waxman and Lawrence Yee talk about the potential IATSE strike that may bring Hollywood productions to a standstill.

Then, a discussion about whether Facebook should face government regulation. A whistleblower recently exposed the social media giant’s business practices that she said “harms” users and American democracy.

That’s followed by a debate if Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special — “The Closer” — should be edited or removed for containing transphobic jokes.

Then, an interview with Eugene S. Robinson, the former editor at large of Ozy. Robinson weighs in on the company’s sudden collapse after a damning NYT expose. He also talks about CEO Carlos Watson’s role in its downfall. Get a preview of their conversation in the video above.

And finally, a chat with Netflix’s head of global film Scott Stuber, who shared how he plans to turn the streamer into the best film studio in the world. Stuber spoke as part of TheWrap’s TheGrill 2021, which you can learn more about here.

Listen to this week’s “Wrap-Up” below:

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