TheGrill: TheWrap’s Media Conference, Session by Session

TheWrap’s media and entertainment industry convention, one session at a time

TheGrill, the inaugural media and entertainment industry conference hosted by TheWrap, concluded Tuesday night after two full days of sessions. TheWrap's reporters were there, of course, for each and every one.

So in case you missed it …

Sharon Waxman Kicks Off TheGrill (Video)

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Zalaznick: Comcast Guarantees NBCU a Chance to Show What Works

Silverman Tells Creative Community: Partner with Advertisers Early and Often

Starbucks' Schultz: Social Media Is Key to Building Brand Trust

Madison Ave.: Not Much Improvement in Social-Media Marketing

The 'Twitter Effect' and Other Myths Shattered

Ryan Kavanaugh: Relativity Revenue Over $2B; Netflix Deal 'Historic'

Netflix's Sarandos: We Won't Replace Basic Cable, But as for Pay-TV …

Hey, Hollywood, Meet Your New Intellectual-Property Czar

Harvey Levin: TMZ Made Kim Kardshian, and May Remake Mel Gibson Yet