Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Thor’ Audition: What If Loki Had Been the Thunder God? (Video)

Hiddleston auditioned to play hero instead of villain

Longtime comics fans remember the series “What If…,” which imagined what would have happened if key events in the Marvel Universe had turned out differently. Now they can ponder a big one about the real world: What if the actor who plays Loki had played Thor?

A just-released DVD and Blu-Ray extra for “Thor: The Dark World” includes footage of Tom Hiddleston, who went on to play the God of Mischief, swinging the hammer of his adoptive brother, the God of Thunder.

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The footage shows a blond, shirtless Hiddleston, swinging with passion and commitment. He’s not as big and Thor-like as the comic book character, but what mortal is? The role went to Chris Hemsworth.

Watch the footage, first provided to Yahoo Movies: