Tony Goldwyn Launches Podcast With Screenwriter Daughter to Interview Other Nepo Babies

The actor and director is a self-proclaimed “third-generation nepo baby” and grandson of film producer Samuel Goldwyn

Tony Goldwyn attends Bleeker Street's "Ezra" New York Premiere at DGA Theater
Tony Goldwyn attends Bleeker Street's "Ezra" New York Premiere at DGA Theater (Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Tony Goldwyn announced this week he’s launching a podcast with his daughter, screenwriter Anna Musky-Goldwyn, “to talk to other parents and children who are in the same game.”

In other words, he’s making a podcast about nepo babies.

The stage and screen actor (and most recently “Ezra” director) shared the news of his upcoming project while interviewing with Marc Maron on Thursday’s “WTF” podcast. TheWrap independently confirmed the project with Goldwyn’s representatives, who revealed the title of the podcast will be “Far From the Tree” and that it will explore “the relationship between other parent/child duos working in the same industry: entertainment, sports, music, politics and beyond.”

Goldwyn and Musky-Goldwyn will coproduce the podcast with Jason Weinberg and Steven Nossokoff of Untitled Entertainment. Additional information was not shared at the time of publication.

The actor, who appeared in 2023 Best Picture Oscar winner “Oppenheimer” and memorably played President Fitzgerald Grant opposite Kerry Washington on “Scandal,” comes from a long line of Hollywood figures, including grandfather Samuel Goldwyn — a titan of Golden Age cinema — and his indie movie-producing father Samuel Goldwyn Jr.

“I’m a third-generation nepo baby, my kids are fourth-generation nepo babies,” Goldwyn joked with Maron when asked what he thought of the phrase.

“It amuses me,” he said. “I think I was a little late to — I only just heard the phrase the past year.”

Goaded by Maron to discuss the topic further, Goldwyn gave an encyclopedia entry’s worth of family history, including how his lesser-known maternal grandfather Sidney Howard was a Broadway playwright who wrote the screenplay for “Gone With the Wind.” His father, under the Samuel Goldwyn Company, produced “Mystic Pizza,” the early works of Jim Jarmusch and more.

Musky-Goldwyn’s writing credits include “Supergirl” and “The Labyrinth.”

“She asked me if I would want to do a podcast with her, so we’re planning to do a podcast to talk to other parents and children who are in the same game, whether they’re … film, politics, sports, auto companies. We’re interviewing a friend of mine who’s a really amazing civil rights attorney and his daughter’s a public defender, just to talk to people because I’ve been fascinated with it,” Goldwyn told Maron of the family project.

Reflecting on his early career as an actor, Goldwyn also reflected that his career choice was a “source of anxiety” for his father and hinted that those feelings are a pattern he’s gleaned while doing these interviews.

“I know it was kind of a source of anxiety and neurosis for me and I think for my father about me when I told him I wanted to become an actor, it was rough. It was hard for him,” he said. “The first thing he said, was, God bless him, ‘Look, this is what you want to do, this is your passion. I support you. But you’re on your own.’ He’s like, ‘You’ve got to figure this out for yourself.’ And I was like, ‘That’s the way I want to do it, that’s fine.’”

Goldwyn also recounted a story where his father actively tried to dissuade him from going into the profession.

“I was about 17 and thinking this is what I want to do, this would be late ’70s, and we were walking down the street and we see a poster of ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ which was a massive hit, and he said, ‘You know, the thing you need to know about this business as an actor, if you’re not John Travolta by the time you’re 25, there’s really no career.’ And I just looked at him and I went to myself, ‘That can’t be true,’” Goldwyn said. “He was just in a state of anxiety. I think he might’ve thought, you know, he was in a panic, so it turns out, thank god, it was not true.”

Listen to Goldwyn’s full “WTF With Marc Maron” podcast interview here.


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