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Trevor Noah Dismantles GOP Arguments Against Gun Control: ‘You Can’t Just Blame Stuff You’re Already Mad At’ (Video)

The late night host slammed those blaming video games, music, critical race theory and weed

Trevor Noah is dismantling some of the arguments against gun control laws in the United States. During Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” the late night host took issue with several of the reasons that the GOP has cited as contributing to an increase in gun violence, which he says actually have nothing to do with guns.

He began by rolling a Fox News clip that blamed violent video games for increasing real-world violence, arguing that young people don’t know the difference anymore between what’s on the screen and what’s actually in front of them.

“What is this loser talking about?” Noah quipped. “Kids know that games are fake, my man. No one is turning off ‘Grand Theft Auto’ like, ‘Sh-t! I just ran over like 80 pedestrians. Should I get a lawyer?'”

He continued, “The argument that American music and video games causes gun violence totally falls apart when you realize the entire world listens to American music and plays American video games. But they have nowhere near the level of America’s mass shootings.”

In another Fox News clip, former NFL safety Jack Brewer said that “the only solution is Christ Jesus,” suggesting that schools incorporate “some type of spirituality and prayer” into their curriculum. Noah first took a moment to ponder what Jesus himself might think of this plan.

“I don’t know how Jesus would feel about that,” he said. “Because if I was Jesus, I’d be like, ‘Yo, forget that. Look at what you guys did to me with nails. I’m not coming back when there’s guns, like AR-15s.'”

Ultimately, he argued, this was something that wasn’t just happening in America and therefore, much like the music and video games argument, couldn’t be blamed for a problem that seems to only be occurring in America.

“But again, if you think gun violence in America is high because people aren’t going to church, then why don’t they have the same gun violence in Europe?” he said. “Because there, nobody goes to church. It’s like a thing that’s done now. If you go to church in Germany, you’ll be the only one there.”

“The point is, gun lovers have been blaming the same causes over and over again for decades. Although this time, to their credit, they’ve come up with a new thing to blame,” he said, before rolling a clip where another Fox News contributor blamed critical race theory for the mass shootings.

“That’s how evil critical race theory is,” Noah joked. “It’s only been around like a year, and it’s already caused three decades of mass shootings…Look, man. I know you guys want to blame anything but guns, but it still has to make sense. Can we agree on that? You can’t just blame stuff you’re already mad at.”

You can watch the full clip above.

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