Kimmel Slams Gun Violence Solutions Proposed by ‘Sewer Dwellers’ in NRA and GOP (Video)

“I, for one, hope Ted Cruz never gets to eat peacefully at a restaurant again,” Kimmel says

Jimmy Kimmel spent a lot of time during his Tuesday monologue talking about the horrific murder of 19 children and 2 teachers last week in Uvalde, Texas, a horror compounded by almost impossible to believe cowardice by police who stood by and did nothing while it happened.

But Kimmel’s focus wasn’t on that, but on the NRA’s annual convention, held last week in Houston, and the Republican politicians who attended it. And as far as Kimmel is concerned, the myriad proposed solutions to the epidemic of gun violence made by these “sewer dwellers” is just an attempt to “shift the blame from what is obviously an over-abundance of dangerous semi-automatic weapons.”

“In Texas this weekend, the NRA held their annual meeting of the mindless… three days after the shooting that claimed 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, less than 300 miles away.” Kimmel said.

“Despite the shameful timing of this event, and the event itself thousands of NRA members showed up to support their sticker, including this lovely couple who do not believe, we have a gun problem,” Kimmel continued, playing a clip of a right wing couple asserting that the incredible number of mass shooting deaths is caused by “demon possession.”

“Right. Right,” Kimmel responded after the clip played. “What if the Democrats – forced a vote – on a bill that restricts demons from buying weapons? How would the Republicans vote on that? I mean, it’s a tough one because you start saying demons can’t carry guns, next you have to vote on goblins. Can goblins? Chupacabras? What about the babadook- can the babadook…?”

Then Kimmel turned his attention to one of his least favorite Republicans.

“Speaking of demons, Ted Cruz was on hand in Houston to spread his slime all over the NRA holes.” Kimmel then played a clip of Cruz’s absurd speech arguing the problem isn’t all the guns, it’s that the school’s doors weren’t locked. That, by the way, is a lie from Uvalde police, one of dozens of lies they told to cover up their apparent complicity in the massacre.

“Senator Cruz had an unpleasant dinner at a sushi restaurant in Houston, where a man confronted him about this idea that he seems to be OK with the fact that an unbalanced teenager shot up a school, because his plan is to do nothing about it,” Kimmel said, talking about this incident. “Ted Cruz must know that, at this point, every busboy spits in his food, right?”

“But maybe that’s what he likes about eating out? I don’t know. I, for one, hope Ted Cruz never gets to eat peacefully at a restaurant again,” Kimmel added.

Kimmel then played another clip of Cruz flogging the ridiculous theory that doors caused the massacre, not guns, and Kimmel explained that that isn’t actually the issue.

“The school in Uvalde already had heavy-duty, locking doors. That’s how the killer kept the police out! The police – had to get a janitor to give them their keys to unlock it! Any other bright ideas, dumbass?” Kimmel said. “Wouldn’t it be a shame if people started piling their old doors up on Ted Cruz’s lawn?Imagine if there were so many doors in front of his door, he couldn’t get out the door?”

Kimmel then brought up that the main event of the NRA convention wasn’t Cruz, but an appearance by Donald Trump, who gave a speech insisting that the gun violence problem is caused by mental illness and divorce (which obviously isn’t true).

“Yeah, that’s right. The deranged narcissist who has children with three different women is lecturing us about mental illness and broken homes,” Kimmel snarked.

Kimmel also noted how, despite the organization’s intractable opposition to any measures that would stem the violence their policies are causing, the NRA convention actually forbade weapons.

“Because Donald Trump was at the NRA convention, no guns were allowed in the arena where Trump was speaking. You know- you’d think with all those good guys with guns there – he’d be fine! But I guess in this case no,” Kimmel said.

As he wrapped the segment up, Kimmel noted that “Trump and Cruz and all their fellow sewer-dwellers are working overtime this week to shift the blame from what is obviously an over-abundance of dangerous semi-automatic weapons to a variety of issues and plans that they’re not going to to do anything about either.”

Watch the whole monologue above.