Tryouts? Moran, Tapper Tapped to Guest-Host ‘This Week’

ABC casts two fill-ins for Stephanoupolous

Despite the network’s protests, there’s been some recent speculation that ABC News is looking to replace George Stephanoupolous on “This Week,” following his move to “Good Morning America” – and this is going to do nothing but fuel it.

Two of ABC’s top political reporters — Jake Tapper and Terry Moran – have been tapped to guest host the next two episodes of “This Week,” Politico reports.

ABC insists that this is merely a planned vacation for Stephanoupolous and not a tryout for the pair, both of whom, it should be noted, have easier-to-spell last names than George. But that’s what the network said when Stephanoupolous filled in for Diane Sawyer a few weeks ago.

Tapper is a senior White House correspondent for ABC News, and one prolific Tweeter.

Moran is the co-anchor of ABC’s “Nightline,” also on Twitter.

It was Moran, you’ll recall, whose tweeting of an off-the-record comment by President Obama about Kanye West’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (“jackass”) started a mini-media firestorm.

Note: Sawyer’s first night behind the “Nightly News” desk is tonight – tune in and/or follow our live-blog.