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Tucker Carlson: BLM Protesters Are ‘Thugs With No Stake in Society’ (Video)

Tucker started his show on Thursday with a lengthy rant about how American cities are bad

About once a week, Tucker Carlson starts his Fox News show with a screed about how American cities are collapsing because of Democrat leaders who don’t care about violence or whatever, and other rich folks who attended selective liberal arts colleges. And this week, Thursday was the “lucky” day. Tucker devoted the first 13 minutes of Thursday’s episode to an incoherent and conspiracy-fueled rant about how horrible life is in American cities.

“This kind of insanity is happening everywhere, even in small bucolic beautiful cities like Bend, Oregon. In Bend, local officials allowed hundreds of protesters to trap ICE officers who were transporting violent criminals, a standoff resulted for hours, until federal reinforcements arrived,” Tucker whined, though his grasp of the facts of the situation is certainly misleading.

It’s actually not clear what the detainees on the ICE buses were being charged with, as ICE and the federal officers who assisted them during this protest declined to say what they had done, beyond just claiming without providing any details that they “had a history of criminal violent behavior.” No specific information, but that didn’t stop Tucker from credulously believing ICE.

In any case, the rant continued on.

“So who’s doing this to our cities? Strictly speaking, you know the answer. It’s BLM and Antifa, crazed ideologues, grifters, criminals, antisocial thugs with no stake in society and nothing better to do than hurt people and destroy things,” said Tucker, whose writers may have watched “The Dark Knight” before writing this speech, having echoed a sentiment that Alfred expressed in that film about the Joker.

For the record, 63 percent of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Those are the ones you see on TV, every country has people like that, it’s part of the human condition. America always has had people like that. What’s changed is that the destroyers now have the full support of our professional class. That’s what’s different. The Democratic Party coddles the mob you see on TV. Our elites fund the Democratic Party,” Tucker kept going.

“So America cities didn’t collapse by accident. Sociopathic children may have burned Wendy’s and looted the Gucci store, but rich adults made it possible. They paid for it all. Find a prosecutor who refuses to keep violent criminals in jail, and the chances are George Soros put him there.”

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is a millionaire TV host who attended the prestigious “little Ivy” liberal arts school Trinity College.

You can watch the quoted portion of Tucker’s ravings from Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded in this article.

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