Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are Collaborating With the Deep State to Elect Biden (Video)

“That sounds nutty even to say out loud, but it’s not nutty. It’s happening,” Tucker said on Tuesday without any supporting evidence

Tucker Carlson began his show on Tuesday with a lengthy rant about some folks who are currently “concocting ludicrous and potentially dangerous conspiracy theories about foreign interference in our political system.” But he wasn’t decrying the baseless conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian and Chinese governments that conservatives have been pushing recently.

Instead, he was referring to those who have opposed those conspiracy theories.

“Yesterday, perfect example, a group of more than 50 former US intelligence officials — who are these people? They’re the very same people who missed 9/11, who endorsed the Iraq War and the weapons of mass destruction,” Tucker said. Carlson also endorsed the Iraq War.

“They’re the same people who illegally spied on American citizens for years. Those people signed a letter claiming that the New York Post story could very well be part of a secret Russian operation designed to help Vladimir Putin’s fellow Slavic dictator Donald J. Trump cling to power. Quote, ‘Our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.’

“Now, these are so-called intelligence operatives, but they offered no evidence to support that reckless claim, that very serious claim. Why didn’t they offer any evidence? Because there is no evidence. None exists. Instead they simply asserted it, which means they simply lied.”

This is when Tucker finally approached his central point for this whole thread.

“They lied to the American public in order to influence the outcome of a supposedly free and fair election. Isn’t that what they claim Russia does? They’re doing it. With much greater effect, and they’ve been doing it for year,” Tucker said, without explaining what it is they’ve actually been doing for years, considering Trump did win the 2016 election.

“But this time, in the final days before we vote, they’re not even bothering to hide what they’re doing, or their methods. Senior figures in our vast national security state are working in concert with the Democratic Party to get Joe Biden elected,” Tucker said, without providing any evidence.

“That sounds nutty even to say out loud, but it’s not nutty. It’s happening. They’re showing us what they’re doing.”

Reports say that Fox News was actually offered the Hunter Biden laptop story that the New York Post ran, but turned it down because they were skeptical of the sourcing. But Carlson has talked about the Post story every day since it was published last week.

You can watch the quoted portion of Tuesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded in this article.


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