Tucker Carlson Says ‘Planned Parenthood Kills People,’ Is the ‘Leading Cause of Death in America’

The assertion on his Fox News show went unchallenged by Carlson’s guest

Tucker Carlson accused Planned Parenthood of systemic murder in the United States during a heated discussion on his Fox News show Thursday evening.

“Planned Parenthood kills people, literally, kills people,” Carlson said. “The leading cause of death of Americans, Planned Parenthood”

Carlson dropped the charge — which went unchallenged by his guest Ethan Bearman — during a conversation about whether it was right for Los Angeles to require contractors to disclose their ties to the NRA. Carlson took the position that Americans would never allow any other association to be treated that way.

“Mandatory disclosure if you’ve give money to Planned Parenthood, is that fair?” said Carlson. “You can make everyone wear a Viking hat if you wanted or stand on one foot or whatever. Should you? That’s the question. Should you do this?”

Bearman spent most of the interviewing being shouted over by Carlson, who called the idea of forced disclosures “McCarthyite.”

The Planned Parenthood charge from Carlson is not a new one for many conservatives. Though it went unexplored Thursday, he was almost certainly referring to the organization’s role in providing abortions for women which has stirred ire among Republicans for decades. Planned Parenthood also provides a suite of other women’s health services that was even praised by Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.