Tyler Perry Swipes at SAG-AFTRA Strike Holdout: ‘If I Had Ran My Business Trying to Get Everything at Once, I Wouldn’t Be Here’ (Video)

“In two years, two-and-a-half years, we’ll be renegotiating again,” Perry says

Tyler Perry maintained that he is in support of SAG-AFTRA’s strike holdout, but seemingly critiqued the guild’s ability to know when the battle is over.

During an interview with “CBS Mornings,” Perry opened up about the strike that has now stretched past 116 days. While the writer, actor and producer has supported the guild, he admitted that the work stoppage has been “debilitating.”

“The whole negotiating committee have done a fantastic job moving this forward,” Perry said in the interview, video of which you can watch above, praising the efforts of SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating committee. “But it’s really important to know when we’ve won. This is only a three-year deal.”

As TheWrap reported on Tuesday, an end to the strike could be near, as the AMPTP and the actors guild have reached some common ground on the longstanding issue of artificial intelligence protections. Perry, who closed his Tyler Perry Studios to show support of the ongoing strike, added that more issues could be tackled during future negotiations.

“In two years, two-and-a-half years, we’ll be renegotiating again,” Perry continued. “So we have to know what have we won, and what have we won for now? That’s the thing. For now. … If I had ran my business trying to get everything at once, I wouldn’t be here. I’ve got as much as I can for now, so let’s see what we can do next.” Perry has also opened fund raisers and food drives to assist strikers.

An insider with knowledge of the conversations told TheWrap that there’s a “high chance” the entities could come to an agreement on a deal, following their meeting on Tuesday.


7 responses to “Tyler Perry Swipes at SAG-AFTRA Strike Holdout: ‘If I Had Ran My Business Trying to Get Everything at Once, I Wouldn’t Be Here’ (Video)”

  1. John Avatar

    Perry “It’s really important to know what we have won…”  WE? Tyler you’re a producer with several productions waiting to go. TBH you’re more of a producer than an actor so STOP trying to influence our negotiating team, please. You have a large vested interest in shutting our negotiations down. STOP Everyone can see what this is. Please stop. 

  2. DIn Avatar

    I agree with John. If you have mixed alliances, especially when one of your alliances so far outweighs the other, it may be best to bite your tongue and let it play out without the benefit of your so-called wisdom (Tyler). I had know idea Tyler was such a Union advocate. Must just be the Guilds he belongs to that get the Love. IATSE in GA would likely agree. 

  3. Rafael Ortiz-Guzman Avatar
    Rafael Ortiz-Guzman

    Hey John are you for real? Dude get a grip and control you rhetoric.

    1. Din Avatar

      So Tyler’s rhetoric passes, but John’s does not?

  4. Terry Avatar

    Tyler may be a “producer” but he is totally on point! You don’t get everything you want when everyone less than A listers are losing their cars, homes, etc…..we got what we got and come back in 2 years and start gearing up while replenishing the savings lost the last few months! FYI 23 year sag member averaging 50k a year. Far from even the D list. 

  5. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Hires You Avatar
    You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Hires You

    What Tyler Perry is overlooking / ignoring ( unconsciously or purposely ) is the speed in which things change nowadays.

    Compare how long it took for things to change during our great grandparents’ time with how long it took for things to change during our grandparents’ time.

    Things that were in place for 100 years when our great grandparents’ were in charge have fallen by the wayside. New technology changed the established business model.

    The business model that worked for our great grandparents wouldn’t work for our grandparents once our grandparents became aware of the new technology.

    Our grandparents had no choice but to do things the new way. If they had continued to do things the ‘old way’
    (our great grandparents’ way) they would have fallen behind the times and gone out of business.

    The difference between ‘the way it was’ and ‘the way it is’ is the speed in which things have been changing.
    What once took over a century to change could take less than 5 years to change nowadays.

    The business model that your great grandparents operated under for over 100 years was wiped out once a new way of doing business was discovered.

    The amount of time that the business model that replaced your great grandparents’ business model was in place could be 50 years.

    The introduction of new technology would wipe out that 50 year business model and replace it with your parents’ business model.

    The business model that your parents operated under for 25 years could be wiped out by technology that’s going to be developed within the next 5 years.

    The business model that you could find yourself working under in 5 years – because of technological advancement – could be radically different than the business model that you’re currently operating under.

    Tyler Perry became the mogul that he is during his time under the business model that made him the success that he is today.

    If he was starting out today he may not have become the mogul that he is in the time to come.

  6. Frank Smathers Avatar
    Frank Smathers

    AI is a Pandora’s box. No one on earth knows where AI is going but its obvious that its going to change the way humanity lives on this planet. Once this Pandora box is opened – AI will become a key component of production and post-production – and it will be impossible to stuff the AI genie back into the box. So its absolutely essential that the actors, writers, and all filmmakers at all levels get strong safeguards and barriers that will protect them from being robbed or replaced as AI becomes more and more dominant in the future.

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