‘Under the Dome': First Look at Stephen King’s CBS Miniseries (Video)

Series imagines citizens of Chester's Mill trapped under a — well, you know

The first look at Stephen King's new CBS miniseries shows us a small New England town trapped within a force field — but the biggest danger, of course, is the people inside.

The dome is just a catalyst for lots of other bad things in the 13-week series, a collaboration between King and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. In just over a minute, we see a body buried dumped in a grave, ambulances, and a bloody hand touched to the dome.

Would you believe that as food and supplies run out, things only get worse?

The series, which begins in June, is part of a recent trend toward limited-run "event" series as networks as they struggle to find hit dramas. Fox also has two big limited-run series in the works, "Wayward Pines" and "Blood Brothers."

Watch the "Under the Dome" first look: