‘Upload’ Cast Plots Out a Drama-Filled Wedding for Season 4 – Complete With an Objection | Video

Robbie Amell, Allegra Edwards and Andy Allo tell TheWrap about their ideas for a potential next season

Upload” series creator Greg Daniels is feeling pretty confident about the show getting renewed for a fourth season at Prime Video, and so is the cast. In fact, they have some ideas for what the next cliffhanger could be – and it involves a very dramatic wedding.

In classic “Upload” fashion, season three – now streaming in its entirety on Prime Video – ended with a massive cliffhanger, when it was revealed that Nathan (Robbie Amell) was restored to just one copy of himself. The question is: which copy?

Is it the one who downloaded to a new body at the end of season two and deeply loves Nora (Andy Allo), or is it Backup Nathan, restored from an older version of his Lakeview self by Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), and who actively chose to make it work with her? Well, Andy Allo herself hopes it’s actually Back-up Nathan but she doesn’t know for sure which version it is.

The actress hopes it’s Back-Up Nathan “because I think he needs to come home, and home is where Nora is, and he’s strayed too far.” But she’d also enjoy it because it could create some good drama for season four — especially now that Ingrid’s accepted his proposal.

“OK, so back-up Nathan survives, Ingrid gets this incredible wedding,” Allo laid out for TheWrap. “Nora is at the wedding, and they have that moment: ‘Is there anyone who does not think this union should happen?’ And…”

“Woah! And that’s the season four cliffhanger!” Robbie Amell chimed in. “‘Speak now or forever hold your peace’ and you go — [inhales] — and it goes to black.”

For what it’s worth though, that plan actually stresses out Allegra Edwards.

“Because if we have to get to the finale of season four to make it to the wedding, that’s an entire season of wedding planning,” she worried. “[Ingrid would] love it, but that, that’d be a lot.”

Amell had a solution for that too though: use A.I. Guy (Owen Daniels) to help plan everything. You can watch TheWrap’s full interview with Amell, Allo and Edwards in the video above.

For now, no official word of a renewal has come. But, speaking to TheWrap earlier this month, creator Greg Daniels said he’s “super optimistic” and “would bet on” it.

“Upload” is now streaming on Prime Video.


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