‘Upload’ Star Robbie Amell Says Season 2 Finale Was ‘One of the Weirdest Days of Filming I’ve Ever Had’ (Video)

Amell also tells TheWrap just how concerned for Nathan fans should be after that finale

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the season 2 finale of “Upload”

After a long two years, a new season of Prime Video’s “Upload” has finally been, well, uploaded, and it has even more chaos than the first. In fact, according to series star Robbie Amell, the Season 2 finale was just as insane for him to film, as it is for fans to watch.

In the final episode of the season, Nora (Andy Allo) and the luds have a plan to take down Freeyond, and it involves downloading Nathan (Amell) into a clone of his body. Because, as it turns out, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) didn’t actually self-upload. She’s just been faking it and trying to win back Nathan’s affections so she can surprise him with the news that she’s been secretly funding the regrowth of his body in a secret lab.

“That was one of the weirdest days of filming I’ve ever had,” Amell told TheWrap. “I’m in that tub from start to finish, except for the last hour of shooting where they get me out. But in that tub, I’m just submerged enough that my ears are underwater so I can barely make out what’s happening. And Allegra is having a screaming monologue, and I’m trying to just pretend that I’m dead or unconscious. It was just the world’s weirdest day of filming, so that one, I’ll never forget that.”

You can see Amell’s full thoughts on the finale in the video above.

Of course, to make the download happen, they need to get Nathan’s body out of the growing chamber. And so enters Matteo (Paulo Costanzo), trying everything he can to get the dead weight that is Nathan out of the massive tub. It’s a hilarious moment, and one that required a tremendous amount of restraint from Amell while filming.

“The hardest part was not laughing because like, I can hear his grunts and his struggles and then like, it was marginally choreographed, but I was really just like do whatever you want and whatever looks funny,” Amell told TheWrap. “I have that white diaper on, essentially, and I was like ‘Everything’s strapped in, don’t worry about it. Just do whatever you want.’ And at one point, when my ankles were around his head, I was just like, what the hell is he doing?”

Fortunately, Amell had a pretty good off-screen relationship with the on-screen lud.

“It was nice I knew Paulo, because he did a season of designated survivor with my wife, so at least, you know, we had a little bit of interaction before he dragged me around by my ankles,” Amell joked.

In the end, the download is successful — but only temporarily. In the final minutes of the finale, having just consummated his relationship with Nora, Nathan discovers his nose is bleeding. As we learned last season, that’s the first sign that the download isn’t successful, eventually leading to the body literally exploding.

So, how worried should we be about Nathan? After all, his Lakeview self was being rebooted behind the scenes.

“I would be head-explosion kind of concerned,” Amell said. “That’s how concerned I am. If they don’t like what I do in the offseason, they’ll just be like ‘Well his head blew up.’ Amazon and Greg [Daniels] will just be like ‘Hey, sorry pal.’”

Jokes aside though, Amell teases that no matter what happens to Nathan, he’s excited about a potential third season of the show.

“I think, without getting too spoilery, I think that that little montage at the end of the season that shows where everybody is in the world makes for a very exciting third season, if we were to get it,” Amell said. “So I’m really excited about where the where the show can go.”