‘Alien: Covenant In Utero’ Virtual Reality Lets Users Burst Through Chests

New interactive experience has fans exploring the world of a Neomorph firsthand

Alien: Covenant In Utero VR

If you’ve ever seen an “Alien” movie and thought to yourself, “I wonder what it’s like to actually be the alien,” then today’s your lucky day.

In “Alien: Covenant In Utero,” available today on all major virtual reality platforms, users get to experience the evolution of a Neomorph — the series’ famed creature seen in its infancy in “Alien: Covenant.”

As TheWrap witnessed firsthand in all its gory glory, users can strap on a VR headset and experience what life is like from the alien’s perspective as it emerges from inside a human’s body, before bursting through the chest in classic “Alien” style. Yeah, pretty intense.

The FoxNext VR Studio vehicle was directed by David Karlak, who told TheWrap he loved flipping the script on the audience so they can feel the exhilaration of being the ferocious alien.

“In ‘Alien’ mythology, humans have always been on the receiving end of violence,” said Karlak. “Because these creatures are so terrifying, and for a brief moment we’re allowing audiences to be that creature, I think that’s a really great sort of roll reversal,” he added.  “More than anything, I wanted someone experiencing this to have a sense of empowerment, but also a sense of impending danger.”

Karlak said the chance to work with Ridley Scott, who produced “In Utero,” was a “real treat,” and an experience that he’ll “treasure forever.”

And in case you are wondering, Karlak and Scott worked to make this the rare VR sensation that didn’t leave the user wanting to hurl.

“Comfort was definitely something we took to heart,” Karlak said. “We don’t want anyone throwing up from something we create [laughing].”