Tweets About Rewatching, Binge-Viewing TV Soar 225% From Last Month as Americans Stay Home

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“Walking Dead,” “Tiger King” and “Schitt’s Creek” top list of most-tweeted-about shows over the last 10 days

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AMC/Netflix/Pop TV

With several states on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and much of rest of the country in self-isolation trying to stem the spread of COVID-19, Americans have kept busy by binge-watching new TV shows and rewatching old favorites. They’ve also kept busy by tweeting about their binge-watching and rewatching sessions. Over the past 10 days, there has been a 225% increase in tweets about rewatching and binge-viewing TV compared to the average amount Twitter saw last month, the social media platform told TheWrap on Wednesday. Among the TV series that users have been mentioning the most are currently airing shows like “The Walking Dead,” “Tiger King” and “Schitt’s Creek,” as well as concluded programs, like “Friends” and “Orange Is the New Black.” Here are the 10 most-tweeted-about TV shows over the last 10 days, according to Twitter. 1. “The Walking Dead” 2. “Tiger King” 3. “Schitt’s Creek” 4. “Westworld” 5. “Little Fires Everywhere” 6. “Orange Is the New Black” 7. “Grey’s Anatomy” 8. “Friends” 9. “100 Humans” 10. “Feel Good” You’ll notice that of those 10 shows, four are Netflix originals, with AMC, Pop TV, HBO, Hulu, ABC and NBC (“Friends” counts!) all getting one series apiece on the list. According to Twitter, these are the “states with the highest per-capita rate of talking about rewatching & binging, correlating with states having formal shutdowns”: 1. DC 2. New York 3. Nevada 4. California