For Web Video Viewing, TV Now Eclipses the PC

TV and the PC have reversed roles  in the last year when it comes to streaming video

Gone are the days when only the savviest techies hooked up their computers to television sets to watch streaming video.

Now, according to the consumer-tracking service NPD, 45 percent of consumers say that TV is their primary web video screen, up from 33 percent last year.

The PC, on the hand, accounted for 31 percent of viewing this year — down from a robust 38 percent in 2011.

Part of the reversal has to do with a rise in smart TVs, along with the climbing number  of internet-connected video viewing, through Blue-ray players, Apple TVs and Microsoft Xbox 360s.

The numbers have also increased with the surge of users on Netflix — 40 percent of internet-enabled TV watchers are subscribers.

AllThingsD first reported the news. This chart is from the NPD study.