Why Producer Michael Shamberg Sued the Oscars Academy: ‘They Don’t Want to Listen to Anybody’

”They have both a failing business model and a failing management structure because they won’t ask for help,“ the ”Erin Brockovich“ producer tells TheWrap

Why would anyone during a global pandemic take the time to file a lawsuit against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? “Erin Brockovich” and “Contagion” producer Michael Shamberg said the pandemic has made him feel not only unheard by the Academy but concerned about its future.

In an interview, Shamberg recounted his two-year effort to get AMPAS to formally recognize what he feels are “pretty innocuous” ways the Oscars can become more relevant. He escalated that battle when he filed a lawsuit last week accusing the Academy’s board of violating its own bylaws by refusing to vote on his proposals to implement a new social media policy and survey members — a charge that the Academy disputes. He’s for a judge to rule that all AMPAS members should be able to vote on his bylaw amendments.

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Brian Welk

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