Will Obama Go to Pot During Google Plus Summit?

A retired cop wants a straight answer on marijuana legalization. Will President Obama stonewall or respond?

President Obama -– the commander in chief who admittedly toked weed and snorted coke — might end up blowing smoke about legalizing marijuana Monday.

Obama is hosting a Google Plus “hangout” Monday evening to answer questions about last week’s State of the Union address, with many of the queries determined by YouTube voting.

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According to drug-legalization group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the top vote-getter among video questions so far comes from Stephen Downing, a board member for the organization, who asked about legalizing marijuana.

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"Mr. President, my name is Stephen Downing, and I'm a retired deputy chief of police from the Los Angeles Police Department,” Downing begins. “From my 20 years of experience I have come to see our country’s drug policies as a failure and a complete waste of criminal justice resources. According to the Gallup Poll, the number of Americans who support legalizing and regulating marijuana now outnumbers those who support continuing prohibition. What do you say to this growing voter constituency that wants more changes to drug policy than you have delivered in your first term?"

If you missed that topic being broached in Obama’s annual address, you weren’t alone; it wasn't there. But this is what happens when social media determines the questions.

Perhaps the best part of all: When TheWrap watched Downing reel off his question, there was a Mitt Romney ad at the bottom of the video.

Watch Downing quiz the POTUS on pot below.