Mutant to Release Tasty ‘Wonka’ Vinyl Soundtrack | Exclusive

The release comes from the new brand made up of former Mondo creatives

Wonka Mutant

On Monday, it was announced that Spectrevision would launch Mutant, a new collectibles, poster and vinyl brand that would include many of the creative visionaries behind Mondo, the beloved Austin, Texas, brand that was absorbed and mostly discarded after being acquired by Funko. Now, TheWrap can exclusively reveal one of the very first Mutant releases – a deluxe vinyl edition of the “Wonka” soundtrack.

“Wonka,” of course, was the recent Warner Bros. release that imagined the hardscrabble beginnings of Willy Wonka (Timothée Chalamet), before his majestic chocolate factory (or glass elevator). Inspired by the Roald Dahl books and incorporating elements from earlier versions of the character (mostly Gene Wilder’s take from the 1971 movie), “Wonka” still had a unique tone and vision all its own, thanks to the direction of filmmaker Paul King (who also co-wrote the script). King had made the two “Paddington” films and injected that same sense of visual wonder and nimble characterization, this time while also making a full-on musical (even though nobody at the time would admit it was a musical). Since opening this past Christmas it crossed the $550 million mark at the worldwide box office. Talk about a golden ticket.

This new Mutant release, which features the score by Joby Talbot and the songs by Neil Hannon, comes in two editions – a Mutant Webstore Exclusive (wrapped in gold foil, with exclusive belly band and including a die-cut chocolate-scented insert) and, for five dollars less, a standard edition. There is also a CD version with a 12-page booklet.

“The soundtrack to Paul King’s ‘Wonka’ is a minor miracle. The original soundtrack to ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ is so incredibly iconic, but what Neil Hannon and Joby Talbot are able to create through interpolation and original composition is adaptation at is finest,” said Mutant co-founder Mo Shafeek in an official statement. “Over one month after the film’s theatrical release, I still find myself singing ‘Scrub Scrub’ and ‘You’ve Never Had Chocolate Like This’ almost daily. ‘Chocopocalypse!’”

See more images of the Mutant release below and grab your copy from Mutant’s online store.

Wonka Mutant 2
Wonka Deluxe 3


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