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Would You Watch Meryl Streep in ‘Total Bitch’? Alternate Names for Oscar Contenders

Check out purportedly honest movie posters for this year’s Oscar contenders

What if Hollywood was more honest in its marketing campaigns for its Oscar contenders?

Maybe then “The Iron Lady” could have been called “Total Bitch” and posters for “J. Edgar” would acknowledge the studio was begging for an Oscar nomination – or any nomination.

U.K.’s The Shiznit has redone the posters for many of this year’s Oscar contenders, replacing the boring originals with playful new ones.

In some cases, it mocks the very premise of the movie. It lampoons ‘The Help,” recast as “White People Solve Racism.”

In other cases, it focuses on the blatant award-grubbing we have all come to know and love. "The Descendants" is "Look! George Clooney is Good at Acting!" while "Beginners" is "Old Gay Man Wins an Oscar."

Are you listening, marketers?