Adult Film Stars Fight for Their Lives in Trailer for New A24 Horror Film ‘X’ (Video)

They’re dying to give you a good time

The trailer for the upcoming A24 film “X” brings new meaning to the phrase “adult film.”

Written and directed by Ti West (“In a Valley of Violence,” “The Innkeepers”), the horror film takes place in 1979 and follows a group of young filmmakers who decide to make an adult film in a remote part of Texas, at a property owned by an elderly couple. But when their hosts catch them in the act, they find themselves on the receiving end of some brutal violence.

Shades of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” abound in this debut trailer, which finds West adopting a 1970s aesthetic for a gritty and grimy horror pic. A24 has been on a roll with unique horror films like “Midsommar,” “Hereditary” and “Saint Maud” as of late, and “X” appears to be in the same vein.

Check out the “X” trailer above and the poster below. The cast includes Mia Goth, Brittany Snow, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Owen Campbell, Stephen Ure and Scott Mescudi.

“X” will be released in theaters on March 18.