TikTok Alternative Zigazoo Wants to Be 100% Bot-Free

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The company’s founder is confident the lofty goal can be achieved with human and AI moderation

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Bots have infilitrated just about every social network out there, but Zigazoo founder Zak Ringelstein is confident his company’s TikTok alternative can effectively safeguard against 100% of them. The video-focused service, which is entering wide release Wednesday following its invite-only period, will employ human and AI vetting in an attempt to ensure every account is legitimate.

Zigazoo, targeted at the Gen Z crowd, hopes to offer a space for positive, authentic interaction devoid of bot spam and deepfake manipulation. The three-year-old company got its start with a kids app and is now courting young adults.

“Every account will be vetted for authenticity by a real human,” said Ringelstein.