Jon Stewart Skeet Shoots at the Super Bowl (Video)

Stewart celebrates "Totally Non-Gay All-Male Tacklefest XLVII feat. Beyonce"

How American is Jon Stewart? So American, he says, that he skeet shoots throughout the Super Bowl.

That was a dig at President Obama, who drew derision from gun fans for claiming that he skeet shoots "all the time." The White House released a photo over the weekend that was supposed to prove it.

Stewart unveiled a photo of his own, showing him holding his gun during the game he dubbed the "Totally Non-Gay All-Male Tacklefest XLVII feat. Beyonce."

The "Daily Show" host also made light of the partial blackout that delayed the game by 34 minutes following Beyonce's halftime performance. "A multimillion-dollar sound and light show was immediately followed by yet another sign that our basic infrastructure is on the verge of collapse," he said.

Watch Stewart's post-game commentary: