ABC News Asks Ted Cruz: ‘How Much Do Your Colleagues Just Despise You?’ (Video)

ABC News Asks Ted Cruz: 'How Much Do Your Colleagues Just Despise You?' (Video)

Texas senator remains steadfast in his belief that no one should give an inch

ABC News scored the first interview with Texas senator and anti-Obamacare figurehead Ted Cruz since the government shutdown ended, and it looks like he's not about to change his mind or work towards a compromise anytime soon — no matter how much his own co-workers want him to.

Jonathan Karl asked Cruz “how much do your colleagues just despite you right now?” to which Cruz laughed and quoted “an old saying.”

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“Politics, it ain't bean bag,” Cruz said, adding that he didn't become a senator to make new senator friends — he'd rather be reviled in D.C. and loved by his Texas constituents.

Cruz said he thought the deal finally reached to re-open the government was “lousy,” and only went through because his fellow Republican senators didn't support their Congress brethren, and even publicly denounced their efforts to overturn a law that had already been upheld by the Supreme Court.

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Cruz's current effort to make it difficult for government to work smoothly is to block the confirmation of Tom Wheeler as chairman of the FCC.

The full version of the interview will air on Sunday's episode of “This Week.”

Watch the video:

  • Crazy2lolo

    WELL TEXAS THIS WHAT YOPU GAVE US…. Only thing can he hear you????

  • gig

    This guy is way out there!! I don't think the people that put him in office expected him to be so radical at least I hope not. He is a man that is not willing to compromise. It is his way or no way and that is not how our government works.

    • Chuck

      If wanting our country NOTto run up a $17 trillion debt makes Ted Cruz “way out there” and “radical” — then what does that make those that DO want to run up a $17 trillion debt?

      What about Obama, the great compromiser? Did you miss Obama's speech where he said he would not negotiate. But, you obviously did not follow the news. The battle was between D-Harry Reid in the Senate and R-John Boehner in the House. Ted Cruz is in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, so he simply voted “No” every time the Senate voted, as did all 46 Rs (except for the last vote when the Senators from both parties worked out a deal, where Cruz was then one of the 19 Rs that voted No). Cruz did not block or delay any Senate votes. The other side just had more Yes votes. And as a Senator, he was not allowed to vote in the House. So if you want to be mad at somebody for shutting down the government, be mad at Harry Reid/Obama (they never negotiated or compromised) or John Boehner (he eventually caved, but only after the shutdown). And yes, that's exactly how our government works. The House and Senate must both pass a bill, and then the President must sign it.

      Did you pay attention in school?

  • truphil

    Read the history of demagogues and in Cruz you have an example in the making. He's only serving Texas? What about the oath he took when he became senator, and what about the Nation he is supposedly serving? Cruz is drunk on his own oratory and the fame of being heard and seen by the media. So was Joe McCarthy, but as TV became more widely available, his rumpled appearance and others defects, his rocket came down as suddenly as it went up.

    • tapedude

      He definitely can`t lie and deceive like Hillary aka, “Hilly The Hag.

  • Michael Lowe

    “Marroquin practices the political tactics of left-wing extremists, flouting her illegal immigration status before cowed law enforcers and politicians…It’s beyond comprehension that this admitted lawbreaker is essentially working for the government now. It would be hard to make up something this outrageous…” – See more at:

  • Phineas T. Bluster

    I don't get it. Cruz was born in Canada of Cuban immigrants. How does he succeed as an American politician?
    Where is Donald Trump?
    Where are the birthers?
    Did he use his foreign status when he applied to college?
    Where are his college transcripts?
    A self promoter who will become another footnote.

    • munchkin

      this is America and therefore it is possible what is not possible in your home country , so why don't stick your nose i your own countries affairs instead.
      Although I am not supporting the idea of having president raised in Indonesia or Kenya instead of USA since he picked the thinking and behavior that is not American, but that is another story…. he was elected by his “bros”

    • Chuck

      Phineas, try using Google some time. CNN just ran an article about this issue a few weeks ago. All legal experts contacted by CNN have concluded that Ted Cruz is a U.S. citizen and is eligible to be President if he decided to run. His Mom was a U.S. citizen, therefore, he was automatically a U.S. citizen upon birth, regardless that his birth took place in Canada. He has lived in the United States since he was 4. He went to college at Princeton, and law school at Harvard, where his liberal professor Alan Dershowitz said he was one of the brightest students he has ever taught. He then clerked for the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, which is an impossible job to get unless you are at the very top of a very top law school when you graduate. And he has argued 9 cases in front of the Supreme Court. His credentials blow away our current President, who clerked for a Community Organizer. But I agree, Obama is way cooler. And that is really what counts, right?

      • tapedude

        obama has no credentials. He`s a total fabrication.

      • alvarez

        great comments chuck!
        if you dont mind i will use your comments
        to answer others like phineas

      • Johnny Cook

        Chuck, I did all the “research” you refer to about Mr. Cruz. Your summary is correct, but I can judge someone best by observing their conduct and general behavior in real time. This guy is over reaching his capabilities because he is too immature to realize that his quick mind is simply no substitute for experience. He’s trying to leap frog ahead, no doubt inspired by President Obama’s success in doing the same thing. I think Obama is bright young guy who would have made a great President in another 16 years of working in the Senate. Cruz is not driven by passionate convictions but by vaulting personal ambition!
        I hope we don’t make the same mistake twice. There is no substitute for a little age, experience, and WISDOM.

  • Fred Bosick

    This guy is not listening to to his 26 million Texans about their frustration with jobs and the economy! He has a far smaller coterie of big donors who couldn't care less about the economy as long as they continue to rake it in.

  • danaellen

    I love this freedom fighting man who is standing up to the entire establishment to fight to get rid of Obamacare!

    • dann

      you don't even understand Obama care …idiot!!!

      • ericbwoo

        he might not understand Obamacare, but don't call him an idiot, please

      • Steve Harper

        we know who the real idiot is don't we, danaellen!

      • Bill Fox

        A doc told me Pelosi's plea to “pass it so you know what's in it” is the clinical definition of a STOOL SAMPLE. Web site that doesn't work. Losing your existing health plan. Paying more and getting less. Stealing $700 B from Medicare and Seniors to pay for Obummercare. Death Panels called IPABs…Some of us are starting see what's in this pile of crap.

      • alvarez

        dann,this i understand
        Obama several years ago went to the headquarters of a solar
        panel company that his administration touted as this company as being the
        future of green energy and he had given them 500 million and they went bankrupt
        and now he is saying his Obamacare is going to be the future, when will you
        liberals admit he is a loser?

        Obamacare is an epic failure right from its roll out, the cost soared from 93
        million to now 238 million and they can't fix the glitches so far!

    • Johnny Cook

      $24,000,000,000.00 or $24 Billion is up in smoke, toast, flushed, just for a sorry rendition of “Green Eggs and Ham.” This is not some little amount of money when you consider that we’re just recovering from a total melt down left by the previous administration’s failed policies.
      Cruz is an immature pip squeak of a clown that is over reaching his capabilities by several miles. He lacks just about everything necessary to even be in the Senate, let alone President.

      • Joe Zuramski

        Click here: Senators Voting without Reading the Bills

  • Mom's Apple Pie

    Bean Bag? No pompous WIND BAG.

  • Mom's Apple Pie

    Bean Bag? No pompous WIND BAG.

  • Chuck

    What bad journalism: “Cruz’s current effort to make it difficult for government to work smoothly is to block the confirmation of Tom Wheeler as chairman of the FCC.”

    How about some fair, neutral reporting? The writer makes it sound like no Senate Democrat has ever blocked a confirmation before. Just do a Google search, you hack!

    It is a matter of historical record that beginning in 2001, Senate Democrats dramatically changed the confirmation process. Throughout the Bush administration, Democrats actively sought to block numerous judicial nominees, forcing more than 30 cloture votes as Republicans tried to end persistent Democratic filibuster efforts. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), voted against cloture a record-setting 27 times. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), cast 26 votes to filibuster Bush nominees and, in 2003, defiantly declared: “Yes, we are blocking judges by filibuster. That is part of the hallowed process around here.” Then-Senator Obama also joined Democrat colleagues in voting to filibuster the judicial nominations of Priscilla Owen, William Pryor, Janice Rogers Brown, and Samuel Alito.”

  • Lonny

    Go Cruz Go. Vote Republican and save the country.

  • dann


  • John Bardon

    Wow, just imagine if Ted Cruz becomes President. The ff. are his staff:
    - Sarah Palin (Vice President)
    - Tod Akin (Sec. of Health ad Human Services)
    - Michelle Bachmann (Secretary of State)

    What a team for a great country……

    • JacquelineS59

      Your list is fantasy. How about the current President's real team of losers. Kathleen Glitch Sebelius. Susan Video Rice. Hillary What Diff Clinton. Eric Furious Holder and Nancy Pass It Then Read It Pelosi.

  • Bonerific

    Tea Party owned POS talking about representing the people, what a jackass.

  • clark

    Notice that these liberals never come up with a legitimate argument. They just throw personal attacks without facts. What is more radical, fighting to protect individual freedom and equality, or the nationalization of 20% of the economy? Obama, Castro, and Stalin are the real radicals.

  • Political Punch

    Answer: How much do you love BO?

  • Visari26

    I'm from Texas. I detest this idiot. And he is an idiot. Closing the government because you lost a vote on something that will help millions, and has already lowered medical losses all over the country, is stupid. Cut off your nose to spite your face. Ridiculous. And the real idiots are the people who don't research for themselves, but listen to the radio hosts whose job it is to promote dissent regardless of the truth. It isn't the poor or the sick who are draining this country of money, It's the politicians who cling to the failed notion of giving tax breaks to rich people and corporations so that they can “expand business” and create jobs. Except that's a lie, business doesn't work that way. Don't believe it? Do your own research for the truth. Or are you afraid that everything you “learned” from Rush et al. is wrong?

  • Bill Fox

    When did you stop beating your wife Ted? The Pretorian Guard Press is a joke!

  • Jamie

    This man is an idiot these dam REP. are the ones behind the website crashing i wouldn't put it past them. They don't want this to work because they didn't implement it. Now my son can get his insulin and go the the Dr. because of obamacare and not worry about not being treated because of a pre existing illness. He isn't fighting for freedom your troops do he sits on his ass people like him is what is wrong with this country GREEDY

  • Nanny

    America put Obama out of the white house .he never should have been there at all.He is not an american.What has happen to America. GOD please come and get me from this mixed up world

  • Joe Zuramski

    Show this Video ABC News –

    Click here: Senators Voting without Reading the Bills