Capitol Hill Is Haunted on ‘New Yorker’ Government Shutdown Cover (Photo)

The ghosts of John Boehner and Ted Cruz are about the only things moving in Congress these days

“The New Yorker” made a statement (as it often does) with its latest cover — this time taking on the government shutdown and Halloween in one go.

Artist Mark Ulriksen drew a Capitol building haunted by inactivity as the shutdown continues, cobwebs on the doors, the graves of dead legislation in the front yard, bats circling the Statue of Freedom, and two very familiar-looking ghosts lording over it all.

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“Boehner and Cruz–these politicians are only after the perpetuation of their own power,” Ulriksen told “New Yorker.”

“I’m really frustrated with the inability of Congress to do its job … If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be worth laughing at.”

Here’s the cover: