A&E Networks Rebranding Bio Channel to Lifestyle Channel FYI

A&E Networks Rebranding Bio Channel to Lifestyle Channel FYI

A&E Networks

The media company says the new channel “will be a personalized experience for each viewer”

A&E Networks is replacing Bio Channel with FYI, a lifestyle channel geared to an upscale, younger audience that is active online. According to Wednesday's announcement, FYI can stand for “For your inspiration, for your imagination or for your innovation, FYI will be a personalized experience for each viewer.”

FYI will launch in Summer 2014. Currently, it's set to debut in 70 million homes. Outside the U.S., announcements regarding the Bio brand will be handled market by market. And although the Bio channel will be rebranded, it will continue to exist on various platforms throughout the U.S.

Jana Bennett will serve as the president of FYI, in addition to LMN, and will oversee the new network.

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A&E Networks President and CEO Nancy Dubuc calls it “the next phase in our strategy to bolster the A+E Networks portfolio.”

“The transition to FYI is the next phase in our strategy to bolster the A+E Networks portfolio by evolving and maturing our brands to allow for future growth in the rapidly changing media landscape,” Dubuc said in a statement. “FYI will be an upscale network with a younger and more modern sensibility than what we've seen on traditional lifestyle networks, in an effort to appeal to an audience that has been underserved on linear but thrives online.”

The company says that FYI is already in development with more than 30 potential series it hopes will “inspire, not instruct, today's viewers.” It remains to be seen how the company intends to capture these upscale viewers who are active online and would still tune in to a new TV network.

“FYI is defined by the world we live in today – offering viewers a less prescriptive, more adventurous approach to their taste, space, social life and look,” added Bennett. “Gone are the days where consumers are looking for experts to instruct them how to live. Together with our partners and audiences, we are building a new brand that embraces personal creativity and the sharing of the best ideas on air and online.”

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Bio Channel, originally The Biography Channel, was launched in January 1999. It was inspired by the A&E documentary series, “Biography,” and later became the home of the series. In 2007, the Biography Channel's on-air look and feel was revamped and it was known as the Bio Channel from that point on.

  • Jim

    They should call it, “Lifetime FOI” as in “Lifetime Full of It” because that's what it is.

    Nothing honest.

    • Meathead

      Yes, Jim, the truth is never honest. The warped thinking of a liberal is never logical.

  • Richard Cruickshank

    If A&E doesnt pull their political correct head out of their are Ill never watch another show on their channel

    • uottotravel

      A & E needs to take sensitivity training towards Christians.

      • Jim

        No one plays the persecution card better than the Christians.

        • Meathead

          Jim, you are really in need of enlightenment, aren't you?
          God calls it an “abomination” and Phil spoke the truth. If you don't believe in God, then you will have no problem with this UNTIL you stand before Him. Support of evil is akin to committing evil.

  • Ducky

    Didn't watch it before DD and don't intend to watch it in the future….Never Ever !

  • Jim

    Here's the formula they will use for new series. A small group of rightwing thinking people from a red state that swear by Jesus, are way too fat, drive nice cars, don't seem to be too bright, and have a lot of money.

    How many current series does this fit?

    South Beach Towing, Honey BoBo, Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars . . .

    • Meathead

      Evidently, you voted for “what” we have poising as a President. You deserve the results of your poor decision. Unfortunately, all of America is suffering for it also.

    • Timbo G

      You're of the same mentality that gave us President Obama and his Unaffordable Careless Act. I KNOW that you and your ilk vote. Keep watching Rue and his drag races and maybe he'll reach a .005% rating. By the way, look at the internet and news sources. You will find may not be the be the “small” group you think.

  • Mark T

    Please sell Duck Dynasty to another station. I really don't want to watch A&E anymore.

    • Meathead

      As much as we enjoyed DD, we SHALL NOT watch it again, A&E is no longer viewed in this house. The idiots at A&E who decided to suspend Phil made a decision to listen to and support evil. They deserve the result of their decision.

      • HidingandWatching1

        Boycott A&E's owners: Hearst Company and Disney-ABC. Don't order Hearst's magazines or buy any Disney products or visit their theme parks.

  • Kenneth

    Phil told what Gods word said and he is being unfairly punished for it . This is an assault on free speech. This is an assault on Gods Word by A&E. Have you not read in the Laws of God That a man that leith with another like he doth a woman it it a abomination and his life should be taken. That is a Gods Word. It is a sin. Like it or not.
    My grand Mother was born and raised in Opolusus LA just above bayou Sorrell. She often tell how she grew up in that area. Everybody was the same poor and living off the land. There was no White and Black just people surviving together. As a African American I know what Phil said was the truth. I will boycott A&E because they do not support free speech.

  • Kenneth

    And for all of those unGodly people who see GLADD as a Civil Rights politically correct organization better read Gods True Word and not some water down made up word to fit there life style and recognize before it is to late that Heaven is not there home.

  • bosombuddy

    Thanks for the warning. “Lifestyle” is one of those trigger words which usually end up meaning something you don't want to talk about.
    I'll delete the “Lifestyle Bio” channel from my list.

    • Meathead

      I shall join you and block the channel. I am blocking ALL of A+E Networks channels and letting all of their sponsors know that their advertisements will not be seen by this family.

  • Wbrown

    Let A&E keep catering to the 3%'ers and see how their revenues look. Look this is not about bottomline profit it is about shunning the beliefs of the average American viewers. Gays dont like anyone disagreeing with their views while shoving their's in everybodys face. Pushback is a real MF isnt it

    • Meathead

      Evil never likes to be exposed. Evil operates in the dark and hates it when the truth is exposed.
      Support of evil is the same as committing evil and God has judged homosexual activity as an “abomination”. If you support A&E's position, you may want to realize that you stand in opposition to God. Good luck with that!!

  • Meathead

    CEO Nancy Dubuc wants to “bolster A+E Networks. portfolio. Their inappropriate and asinine decision to suspend Phil just put their portfolio ratings in the sewer. Supporting 3-percent and spitting in the face of 97-percent of your viewers is one very stupid business decision.
    A+E channels will no longer be viewed in this household. Looking at the support for Phil, there will be numerous others with the same result.

  • roadsidecouch

    Most sane networks would have apologized for what they did and reinstate Robertson and have some heads roll. Instead A&E seems to want to lose Duck Dynasty and have their audience for other shows cut drastically, I can't wait for the next ratings period.

  • BJohnson

    I will not be watching any shows on A&E or the BIO channel. I am not anti gay. But, neither am I anti religious freedom. Loving and tolerating the LGBT community is sufficient. Accepting and believing it is right, is too much to ask.

  • AAD

    A&E used to have classical music, plays and excellent programs. How they are nothing but junk and this Duck Dynasty thing proves it. Return the channel to the way it was or get rid of it.

  • Jake Dawson

    Another channel to put more retarded reality shows that nobody cares about

  • Brenda LeeAnn

    Dumb. There are already too many diy and home and garden networks. Boycotting.