Amazon Orders Pilots From Jason Schwartzman, Jeremy Garelick, Jill Soloway

Amazon Orders Pilots From Jason Schwartzman, Jeremy Garelick, Jill Soloway

Schwartzman and Roman Coppola co-wrote one of three pilots greenlit.

Amazon has greenlit three new pilots, each one written by prominent Hollywood screenwriters. Roman Coppola, Jason Scwartzman and Alex Timbers wrote “Mozart in the Jungle,” Jeremy Garelick and Jon Weinbach penned “The Outlaws,” and Jill Soloway both wrote and directed ‘Transparent.”

Amazon Prime customers will be able to view the new pilots on Amazon's Instant Video service early next year to help determine which will progress to series.

The tech giant's nascent studio has been moving into TV production and distribution, selecting its first pilots last year and ordering its first batch to series in May. Amazon determines which pilots to make and which ones merit more episodes based on consumer response.

With this new round of shows, viewers can log-in, watch and comment.

Coppola and Schwartzmna's show is based on Blair Tindall's memoir about what happens behind-the-scenes at a symphony.

“Many shows are in a single world; Mozart in the Jungle is an unusual show in that there are two worlds fused together,” Coppola said in a statement. “On one side is the high-level skill and sophistication that comes with classical music, and at the same time it's a story that includes people rising up from the bottom, trying to make it in the big world.”

“The Outlaws” is set in the world of professional football and benefitted from the input of former NFL defensive end Michael Strahan.

“Transparent,” written and directed by the “Six Feet Under” writer and “Afternoon Delight” filmmaker, documents a Los Angeles family and stars Jeffrey Tambor an Jay Duplass.

“I am so grateful to Amazon for their trust and for allowing this story to unfold onscreen in such a human, organic way,” Soloway said in a statement. “They have provided me with one of the most creative experiences of my career.”

  • AmazonStudiosJungle=Insiders!

    I had really thought (and hoped!) that Amazon Studios is in the business of locating “break-through, EMERGING script writers.” But, lo and behold, it is now readily apparent — with the series pickups from familiar/brand recognizable Hollywood names like Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman — Amazon Studios is really just in the “Star F—ing” business just like the Big Studio/Network conglomerates and flesh-peddling agencies who CRANK out the same vanilla sitcom bilge!

    Maybe the Hollywood brand names have got a good idea or two here (who knows?), but judging from how Amazon Studios is so eager to “fast-track” these type of series pickups, they're NOT at all earnest or serious about their previous promises/mantra of “discovering” the newest generation of “breakthrough writers.” What a bag of hot-air and BS coming from the Amazon Studios development people — it's all of the same CLUBBY INSIDER PACKAGING like the rest of the Hollywood studio/network assemblyline! Now, I'm wondering if Netflix is more of an “OPEN” shop to pitch scripts??!!