Anderson Cooper Tops Bill O'Reilly in Key Ratings Demo With Malaysian Plane Coverage

Anderson Cooper Tops Bill O'Reilly in Key Ratings Demo With Malaysian Plane Coverage

“Anderson Cooper 360” edges out “The O'Reilly Factor” among the 25-54 crowd

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight yielded a ratings victory for CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night, as “Anderson Cooper 360” won the key 25-54 news demographic with its coverage of the mysterious aircraft disappearance.

Cooper eked out a win in the demo in the 8 p.m. hour with 431,000 viewers age 25-54, besting Fox News’ “The O'Reilly Factor,” which averaged 386,000 viewers in the demo, according to TV By the Numbers.

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“The O'Reilly Factor” still maintained its dominance in total viewers, handily outdrawing Cooper with 2.81 million compared to Cooper's 972,000. And Fox likewise took top honors for primetime overall, averaging 266,000 viewers in the demo and 1.284 million total viewers.

MSNBC was third for the night in the demo and total viewers with 132,000 and 416,000 viewers, respectively.

  • Burphelson AFB

    finally! maybe America is waking up to the (not so) hidden agenda of Fix Noise. only time I watched it was on Election Night to see all the long faces and blubbering when O smoked Mittens.

    • Terrier Rules

      Well don't wet you pants, it's the first and only time anyone has beaten him in 14 years…Total viewers on FOX steam-rolled over Anderson (who I like a lot as a reporter)…but face facts…FOX NEWS rules cable news.

      • Ben

        Of course. No doubt because of their ‘fair and balanced’ slogan. DemzRallPutzes n’ shmucks!

    • J Smith

      I want to see your face this November

  • Alex

    Dream on AC/CNN lovers. It's the plane crash stupid.

  • HJS

    Actually it's O'Reilly that needs to go O'way. Use to watch them just to make myself laugh. Have better thing to do now.

  • FilmPunk

    Here's the best part of this story. O'Reilly still won the night yet the headline reads that Anderson Cooper some how beat O'Reilly. Cooper one a demo group- Keep hating on Fox Wrap.

  • Jim

    Anderson Cooper Tops Bill O'Reilly

    Yuck! A scene from “Basic Instinct?” GROSS!

  • momma

    O'Reilly is an O'idiot. Go smoke some more crack and whack dial interns Billy-Boy. I see where your current wifey has left you. Are you back to your old tricks? Oh yes, I forgot there was a gag order on the out-of-court settlement so none of your followers know what a d-bag you are.

    • Jeff

      “momma”… Typical liberal. All you can do is call people names and take pleasure in someone else's misfortune. How many times have you been married “momma”? How many kids, by how many different fathers? If anyone knows what a d=bag is, I am sure it is you.

  • hunt4hogs

    I stopped watching O Reilly about the plane crash because I could care less about it. It will go back. Bill is still top dog and the democrats know it.

  • crewldude

    What a joke of a story…Bill rules and light-in-the-loafers Cooper is still an also- ran.

  • willston

    Fox news? News? No! Just blazing away at their take on all things Palin, Cheney, T-Party potty mouth crap. It is a good station for guys who like to get excited by the beauty bimbos with lots of leg and makeup. Roger, who decides these things is the ultimate crud in the world of journalism.